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Vote No on Resolution No. 7

Resolution 7 will be considered at the North Dakota GOP Convention on Saturday, April 6. This is a misguided, near-sighted and poorly thought-out attempt to undermine support of science-backed technological advancements that will reduce emissions and create revenue streams for North Dakota coal-fired power plants. 

SEVEN reasons to VOTE AGAINST resolution SEVEN

Fight Against Environmental Extremists:

Dakota Resource Council and their liberal climate agenda have historically aligned with political forces to target North Dakota coal power plants and mines. This resolution aligns with the DRC’s efforts to shut down the fossil fuel industry.

Protecting Land Owners:

The coal industry has a 50+ year history of ensuring partnerships with landowners that includes compensation for the value they provide. This legacy will continue with carbon capture.

North Dakota Under Attack by EPA:

North Dakota is one of four states that has never violated the EPA rules on ambient air pollution, and the coal industry has played a crucial role in that success. Regulatory threats predominantly focus on
carbon dioxide emissions from coal power plants, neglecting the broader economic impacts and potential solutions. Carbon capture is a key strategy in protecting coal from federal overreach and maintaining grid reliability.

Industry Challenges:

The resolution ignores the coal industry’s legal challenges that we have been working on for decades. The coal industry supports North Dakota’s local workforce and strong communities.

Political Bias:

Carbon capture isn’t the same as the Green New Deal that wants to end coal. Carbon capture creates economic opportunities and protects critical infrastructure ensuring North Dakota is in charge of its own future.

Decades of Effort:

Over the past 25 years, North Dakota’s coal industry has fiercely advocated for carbon capture legislation and regulations. This underscores our commitment to sustainability and reserving our way of life, ensuring long-term success through enhanced industry practices.

Economic Benefits:

Carbon capture technology reduces emissions and creates a revenue stream for power plants by repurposing CO2. This offers a solution that benefits both industry and the  environment by creating a carbon dioxide market that produces goods and services for the North Dakota economy.

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