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A recent poll of North Dakota residents demonstrates a remarkable and encouraging trend in support of carbon capture technology and North Dakota’s vital coal industry.

Key findings from the poll include:

OVERWHELMING PUBLIC SUPPORT: 69% of respondents expressed unwavering support for implementing carbon capture technology. This recognition of the importance of carbon capture demonstrates the public's commitment to finding innovative solutions that simultaneously address environmental concerns and protect the coal industry.

STRONG BACKING FOR THE COAL INDUSTRY: 72% of participants voiced their belief in the significance of North Dakota's coal industry for the state's economy and energy security. This backing reflects a clear understanding of coal's critical role in driving economic growth, providing jobs, and ensuring energy reliability.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: The poll also highlighted an encouraging shift in public awareness regarding environmental issues. 72% of respondents expressed their willingness to support policies that promote sustainable practices within the energy sector, indicating a growing concern for reducing carbon emissions while maintaining energy production.

The survey results underscore the widespread recognition of balancing environmental stewardship and economic prosperity. As one of the nation's leading energy-producing states, North Dakota is at the forefront of developing innovative carbon capture technologies that promise to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while sustaining the coal industry's crucial role in powering our communities.

"We are thrilled to witness the rising support for carbon capture and the acknowledgment of the North Dakota coal industry's indispensable contributions," said Jason Bohrer, President & CEO of the Lignite Energy Council. "With the findings from this poll, it is evident that the public values the preservation of our environment and recognizes the necessity of responsible energy solutions, like carbon capture, to ensure a sustainable future."

The polling, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, occurred between June 14 and 18, 2023, and included a sample size of 400 North Dakota residents. For more information, visit

North Dakota's commitment to advancing carbon capture technology and coal practices aligns with its dedication to environmental protection and economic prosperity. The state's efforts are positioning it as a pioneering force in transitioning to cleaner energy sources while leveraging its vast coal resources.

The Lignite Energy Council is a regional trade association representing North Dakota lignite producers, electric utilities, and more than 200 businesses providing goods and services to the mines and plants. The lignite industry generates approximately $5.75 billion in gross business volume and facilitates 12,000 direct and indirect jobs within the state.


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